Electricity for India

Many millions of people do not have reliable access to electricity. Power cuts are a regular occurrence and hinder the growing economy. At the same time, electricity utility companies are unable to meet the demand for electricity and the energy infrastructure is in urgent need of overhauling and expansion. The government is responding to this by building efficient new power plants – primarily with the use of Indian products.

»Our work helps towards meeting the growing ­demand for energy in India, providing the basis for ­economic success and a more stable future.«
Uday Joshi is the Head of Product Management for power plant pumps. He trains young talents for service activities in the KSB SupremeServ Academy.


KSB has been operating in India since 1960 and is represented by three local companies, six production locations and numerous service centres. A new plant was established in Shirwal specialising in the production of boiler feed pumps. It supplies pumps for the numerous power plants which are being built in India and in neighbouring countries. KSB also maintains a close-knit sales and service network nationwide.

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