Global Reach – Local Commitment

Our global network of sales companies, manufacturing sites and service centres ensures we are always close to our ­customers, helping them to operate their production facilities reliably and cost-­efficiently.

Industry in South East Asia

Countries in South East Asia are undergoing a tremendous rate of economic growth. The majority of their exported goods are industrially produced. Read more

Water for North Africa

North Africa is expanding its drinking water supply systems. Long-distance pipelines transport this vital nutrient across the desert. Read more

Electricity for India

In India the energy infrastructure is in need of overhauling and expansion. The government is therefore driving the construction of efficient new power stations. Read more

Copper from Chile

Digitalisation is creating a rising demand for raw materials from Chile. Giant mines extract these precious resources and transport them above ground. Read more

Living in Dubai

Air conditioning is key in the desert state of Dubai. However, cooling buildings on such a scale is a technical challenge. Read more

Oil and gas worldwide

Petrochemical products are the most important base materials for industrialised countries; many vital technologies are based on plastics and lubricants. Read more
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