Living in Dubai

Temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius or more are not unusual in Dubai. The quality of life in the desert state is therefore greatly dependent on sufficient air conditioning for homes and work spaces. Nearly all apartments, offices, supermarkets, restaurants and shopping malls are supplied with water, which is pumped from district cooling plants and distributed to buildings.

»Air conditioning for buildings is necessary here on a far greater scale than almost anywhere else in the world! Cooling giant buildings is a technical challenge that we face on a daily basis.«
When it comes to pumps for district cooling plants, Hari Prasad is the first port of call for ­consultants and construction companies. As the project manager for the KSB office in Abu Dhabi, he is always dealing with issues relating to the transport of ice-cold liquids.

Middle East

Headquartered in Dubai, KSB Middle East is represented with sales and service ­companies in the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Qatar, and with its own ­manufacturing company in Saudi Arabia. Scores of large KSB pumps ensure the ­performance of district cooling plants in the Gulf region. In addition to supplying pumps and valves, KSB supports the Gulf States with tailored service solutions through its own company.

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