Water for North Africa

Shortages of water – in terms of both quantity and quality – remain one of the most important issues in North Africa. A growing network of pipelines transports this vital nutrient from seawater desalination plants and underground water reserves across the desert to improve the supply of running water – for drinking water, sanitary facilities and cultivating the land.

»Clean drinking water is ­essential for health and quality of life. It is a fan­tastic feeling to know that I am supporting people in my region through my work and that I can pass on my knowledge and ­experience to young colleagues.«
Workshop Manager Mohamed Benzeghioua installing an overhauled pump in an Algerian waterworks system.

North Africa

KSB operates local sales branches and service centres in countries such as Morocco, Egypt and Algeria. As a leading specialist for water and waste water applications, KSB is involved in numerous water extraction, treatment and transport projects.

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