Research and Development

Innovations are a fundamental pillar of KSB’s activities and are part of the core elements of its strategy. They are defined as solutions that create added value for customers and translate into new products, services or business models.

Finding creative solutions is the most successful where developers have a high degree of freedom in choosing the approaches or methods. With this objective in mind, KSB has set up the off-site Business Innovation Lab  to abandon the traditional paths of research and development. In this think tank, digital natives work together with experienced specialists to realise the digital transformation in the production and marketing of pumps, valves and hydraulic systems.

Beyond these innovation approaches, the integration of hydraulic and electronic systems is a focus of activities. It opens access to new business models. As many product components come into contact with fluids that are corrosive or abrasive, materials research is another key area of the developers’ work.

 Research and development expenses in € millions

In these activities, the KSB Group is primarily drawing on its strong research and development expertise in Europe and India. In addition, it cooperates with external institutes and research facilities. Overall, the KSB Group spent around € 49 million on research and development in the year under review. This equates to about 2 % of our sales revenue. A large portion of the development work was on customer projects.

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